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Pagan Weddings

Pagan Wedding Planning Community
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Hi! Are you a Pagan and planning a Pagan wedding? This is hopefully the place for you! I am interested in Paganism and want to incorporate it into my own wedding, so I created this community to meet some people and share ideas and plans.

The Rules
1. Please do not harrass or make fun of any of the members of this community. We are all here to plan and help each other. Everyone's beliefs will be different...and I encourage a spirit of friendship and understanding.

2. Please stay on topic. On topic includes:
*Ceremony ideas and locations
*Rituals included in the ceremony and/or reception
*Pagan-related themes at the ceremony and/or reception
*Readings used by officiants or readers at the wedding
*Reception ideas and locations
*Recommendations of good and reliable vendors that you have come across
*Questions related to any of the above!

3. Pictures, or extremely long posts, should be placed behind an lj-cut. Do not know how to do this? Read the FAQ on it.

Not following the rules will get you a warning...not heeding the warnings will get you a ban!

Please feel free to introduce yourself, but it's not a requirement. I'm sure we would appreciate it, so that we can get to know you. I also would like to keep track of your wedding dates, but that's also not a requirement!

Enjoy your stay!